Month: March 2021

Freezone 10-year Anniversary Celebration! 18-21 June 2021

Well time certainly does fly when you’re having fun ! With the help of some awesome facilitators and guests we are 10 years old this year !! Over the years we’ve done quite a few retreats each and everyone unique in their own special way . When we started Freezone we wern’t sure if anyone would turn up but the amount of people who have come experienced what we have to offer has blown us away. There’s one thing all events have in common and that is the love , support, unity and compassion that everyone shares with each other And a lot of belly laughs ! We’ve become...

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Freezone retreat
Freezone retreat


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Freezone is open to the general public. We are not a fellowship or a replacement for 12 Step Recovery programmes, nor do we endorse any religion or specific spiritual practices.

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Freezone retreat
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