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Situated in beautiful Dorset

Freezone Retreat is surrounded by abundant coastal walks and beaches right on our doorstep. Dorset is renowned as an area outstanding natural beauty and is recognised as a world heritage site.

Brian Grant

Brian’s strong and inspiring vision to build a community of support and recovery comes from his own experience as a person in recovery. He is committed to providing a service that will enhance people’s wellbeing and spiritual growth. Brian’s enthusiasm is infectious, along with his very warm and open heart, he believes in Freezone as an aid to recovery.

John Thompson

John being party to conception of the Freezone vision from the beginning, has continued to support and contribute towards its developments in many ways. John’s practical and sound-thinking continues to help and direct our growth. His skills as a support worker along with his honest, gentle nature allows for diplomatic discussion and practical solutions to be formed. John is an asset to our community.

Freezone retreat
Freezone retreat


Carl Simmons

I have a personal background in Yoga and Zen meditation with training in delivery of both. I have what could be best described as an eclectic approach to the spiritual wisdom traditions and love to weave and play with many different practices and ways. The Sufi way of a spiritual lock smith that fashions the key to fit whatever lock is presented, resonates with me deeply and I do my best to meet people where they are. I met Brian whilst facilitating a meditation space at a festival in Dorset from which he invited me to come and share at the Freezone retreats. Its been a great privilege and a lot of fun being with the Freezone tribe ever since.

I do my best to bring my own experiences from my practice and find ways to share what I hope is of use. How best to relax and relax consciously? How much effort should it take to be ourselves? How about we put everything down just for a moment; our efforting, our opinions, our assumptions, our identities and see if when all the things we take ourselves to be, or associate with, aren’t there are we still present? This feels like the invitation to become who we truly are so that finding ways, and being open to new ways, of self discovery can be revealed to us.

With my partner Lizzy we play with these different body, breath and mind practices to help people relax and find a better relationship to themselves and as a consequence with each other. We’ve developed a vibro-acoustic platform called Ombed as another reliable way to cultivate relaxed awareness. The Ombed delivers vibration and sound directly to the body offering a pleasant draw for the attention down into the body which softens and relaxes. When the body relaxes so does the mind. We are passionate about the power of relaxation so our invitation is to rediscover the art of relaxation and integrate that way into our lives.


Marko is in long term recovery from addiction and member of NA, and has been involved in many forms of service within the community. With a solid professional background in addiction treatment and counselling services he kindly offers support to all at Freezone Retreat.

Bryan Jack

Bryan is a very long-standing ( 20yrs+ ) member of Narcotics Anonymous.He tirelessly does service in NA and his experience in abstinence based recovery is a wealth of knowledge he readily shares with us .He worked for many years as a support worker in a managerial  role but is now retired and enjoying life !

Freezone retreat
Freezone retreat