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Freezone Retreat is truly non profit , we sell retreats for what it costs us
This retreat is camping only ( tents ,caravans ,campervans ) and please note that there is no electricity/showers available
No dogs please as it is a working farm
All food and drinks are supplied ( food veggie/vegan mainly gluten free ) if you have a special diet please bring your own . No meat please !
Please be aware of our STRICT no drugs/alcohol policy
12 July

Freezone Retreat is open to all but please be aware of our VERY STRICT no alcohol/ drugs policy and that we practise the principle of anonymity at our events . Also be aware not all events are open to children … please check with us first .No dogs please as it is a working farm .

Concessions Available

Because we are aiming to be accessible to as many people as possible, we are willing to accept a limited number of concessions under certain terms and conditions.
Please phone Brian before booking a concessionary ticket: 07940 284791 email :