Freezone 12-14 July Event

We welcome you to attend our first retreat of the year situated in beautiful Dorset.

On offer is various types of meditation ,sound journeys,workshops, zen meditation tent,  holistic therapies , yoga, veggie/vegan food ,camping , fires, friendship and good times set in a beautiful location overlooking the sea here in the Purbecks .

The cost is £100 includes all meditations , workshops,food and camping . Yoga is a £5 donation to the yoga teacher and holistic therapies are £10/half hour to the therapist .

Look forward to seeing you all in July xx




Here’s the dates for this years events . Book early to avoid disappointment !

12-14 JULY 2019

6-9 SEPTEMBER 2019

Look forward to meeting old and new friends again

Freezone september 21-24 event

Booking is now open for our  famous 4 day event woohoo ! On offer is meditations , sound journies, yoga , holistic therapies, workshops, healthy veggie vegan food, fires ,good times and a lot of fun xx

We have a yurt and a sheperds hut available if you want to glamp or just bring your tent !



Thanks everyone who supported us ! Our next event will be on 21-24 september 18 . Hope to see you there!

FREEZONE RETREAT EVENT 6-8 JULY 2018 (or 6-10 july if you wish ! )

We are ready to send you to that peaceful place called serenity with our 3 day event aimed at getting you in touch with the internal love and wisdom we all carry but find it difficult to access living life on lifes terms .

We are blessed with fantastic facilitators who are very experienced in their respective fields and encourage the aims of Freezone .

On offer is various types of meditation ,sound journeys,workshops, zen meditation tent,  holistic therapies , yoga, veggie/vegan food ,camping , fires, friendship and good times set in a beautiful location overlooking the sea here in the Purbecks .

Freezone is a truly non profit charity that offers retreats for what it costs us ! The entrance price of £100 includes everything except yoga which is a donation to the yoga teacher and holistic therapies that cost £10/half hour between you and the therapist .

Guests are welcome to stay an extra 2 days if they wish as we are having a film crew make a documentary about Freezone . A famous French documentary director and his crew will come after the event and set up . NO FILMING WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE EVENT ! If you dont mind being interviewed on camera about your experience at Freezone then you are welcome to stay on after ! Im sure it will be a lot of fun and they are really nice people :)


Its that time again when we put on our famous 4 day event and once again we have been blessed with the best facilitators around !!

We have our friend the excellent  Roz Crampton returning to do her magical meditations, the main man Ant Sauchella will be doing his awesome sound journies and his popular eco psychology workshop , Lisa will be teaching yoga ( she does y12r which sounds fantastic .. google it ! )  ,the lovely Pavani will be teaching Biodanza ,Mat from Zenways will be doing his much loved Zen workshop, Marko will be offering 1 to 1 counselling ( if needed), we have drumming with River ,didge lessons with Ade, Sophie and Pavani will be working there holistic therapy magic and more wonderful workshops to get you to that place called serenity !

We are based on the beautiful Swanage  clifftops overlooking the sea with stunning walks where you can absorb the scenery .

Freezone is a truly non profit charity aimed at people in abstinence based recovery and we offer retreats for what it costs us . The price for 4 days is £125 and this includes all food ( veggie/vegan) , camping, meditations, workshops ,yoga ,good times , good friends and a lotta love !

Holistic therapies cost £10/half hour between you and the therapist.

Its gonna be a good one xx


Freezone Summer Chill Out 22-26 September 2017

Freezone 4 day chill out retreat guaranteed to send you home with a glow in your soul and a renewed outlook on life !
On offer is meditations , spiritual speaker ,sound journies , interesting workshops , yoga , holistic therapies ,counselling ( if needed ),healthy veggie/ vegan food , camping , glamping , fires , new friends and a lotta fun x
Freezone is a truly not for profit charity that is aimed at people in abstinence based recovery
Entry costs £125 and that includes all meditations , workshops , food and camping
Holistic therapies cost £10/half hour between you and the therapist
Book early as our retreats are very popular !

JULY 7-9 event 2017

Freezone event July 7-9 2017
We are pleased to announce that Carl and Mat from the wonderful Zenways are returning to Freezone with extra workshops and meditations especially aimed at people in abstinence based recovery ! They are fantastic facilitators who attended last year and were a great hit with our guests .

Our old friend Ant will be returning to offer his amazing sound journeys and drum/gong meditations and will be doing his now famous Connecting With Nature Walk on the Saturday.

Mat will be offering yoga meditation every morning and Sophie and Sam will be back to do their soothing holistic therapies.

Marko will be available for one to one counselling if needed . Myself and John will be on hand if you need help with your tent or anything else .

All this in a beautiful setting in Dorset with sea views !

Freezone costs a non profit £100 that includes all meditations,workshops, all vegetarian/vegan meals , camping , good times with good people doing good things around a fire and a lotta love x Holistic therapies are charged at £10/half hour between you and the therapist.

To book see and click our booking page

We keep our retreats small to encourage a sense of unity so book early as space is limited and our retreats are popular !!

For those who wish to glamp we have a shepherds hut that sleeps 2 sharing a bed and a yurt that sleeps 4 contact me for prices .

Looking forward to spending time in a field with you all xxx

4 Days of Summer Chillin’

Well I’ve just got back from an amazing month with the lovely people of Gaunts House and its time to get on with our end of summer extravaganza event on the 9-12 September ..
4 Days of Summer Chillin’ thats definitely going to get you powered up and spiritually strong xx
We have lined up some fantastic speakers and workshops for this event !! Manfred is coming to share about Ratu Baggus with us , Zenways ( Carl and Mat ) have kindly agreed to come share their experience of Zen Buddhism , Lama Lopsang from Nepal will be doing chanting meditation , Roz is coming to do her amazing shamanic workshops , our old friend Ant is coming to do sound journies , Ade will be teaching digeridoo ,Michaela is taking the yoga workshop and doing her soothing therapies along with Sam and more workshops will be confirmed this week ! We are truly blessed to have such highly rated facilitators support us at Freezone xx

Entry costs a non profit £120 thats includes all workshops , camping , healthy veggie/vegan food ( we eat very well ! ), good times around the fire and a lotta fun in a beautiful setting in the Purbecks ,Dorset

FREEZONE 9-12 SEPTEMBER EVENT … 4 days of chillin’

The July event was awesome .. thanks to all who attended !  Finally the summer has arrived , and time will be soon upon us for our legendary 4 day September event with even more packed into the program to help us along that road called recovery !

On offer is our usual meditations ,drum meditations, gong meditations,  sound journeys ,spiritual speakers , workshops, yoga, holistic therapies, counsellor ( if needed), healthy vegan/veggie food, camping, fires, new friends, laughter and fun !!!

One of our guest speakers/facilitators will be Manfred whose coming along to share his experience of Ratu Bagus ( shaking meditation ) which I personally am really looking forward to .

Our regular Freezone family ( Ant, Jon,Ben,Michaela,and Marko ) will be on hand to help you relax and enjoy your weekend in the beautiful countryside of the Purbecks.

Freezone offers retreats for a truly non profit price and we aim to be as inclusive as possible so there will be a limited number of tickets available for unwaged .. Contact me .

Glamping options ( sheperds hut ) are available .. Contact me for prices .. They go quick !


See you soon happy campers …

Brian xx

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