JULY 7-9 event 2017

Freezone event July 7-9 2017
We are pleased to announce that Carl and Mat from the wonderful Zenways are returning to Freezone with extra workshops and meditations especially aimed at people in abstinence based recovery ! They are fantastic facilitators who attended last year and were a great hit with our guests .

Our old friend Ant will be returning to offer his amazing sound journeys and drum/gong meditations and will be doing his now famous Connecting With Nature Walk on the Saturday.

Mat will be offering yoga meditation every morning and Sophie and Sam will be back to do their soothing holistic therapies.

Marko will be available for one to one counselling if needed . Myself and John will be on hand if you need help with your tent or anything else .

All this in a beautiful setting in Dorset with sea views !

Freezone costs a non profit £100 that includes all meditations,workshops, all vegetarian/vegan meals , camping , good times with good people doing good things around a fire and a lotta love x Holistic therapies are charged at £10/half hour between you and the therapist.

To book see freezoneretreat.org and click our booking page

We keep our retreats small to encourage a sense of unity so book early as space is limited and our retreats are popular !!

For those who wish to glamp we have a shepherds hut that sleeps 2 sharing a bed and a yurt that sleeps 4 contact me for prices .

Looking forward to spending time in a field with you all xxx

4 Days of Summer Chillin’

Well I’ve just got back from an amazing month with the lovely people of Gaunts House and its time to get on with our end of summer extravaganza event on the 9-12 September ..
4 Days of Summer Chillin’ thats definitely going to get you powered up and spiritually strong xx
We have lined up some fantastic speakers and workshops for this event !! Manfred is coming to share about Ratu Baggus with us , Zenways ( Carl and Mat ) have kindly agreed to come share their experience of Zen Buddhism , Lama Lopsang from Nepal will be doing chanting meditation , Roz is coming to do her amazing shamanic workshops , our old friend Ant is coming to do sound journies , Ade will be teaching digeridoo ,Michaela is taking the yoga workshop and doing her soothing therapies along with Sam and more workshops will be confirmed this week ! We are truly blessed to have such highly rated facilitators support us at Freezone xx

Entry costs a non profit £120 thats includes all workshops , camping , healthy veggie/vegan food ( we eat very well ! ), good times around the fire and a lotta fun in a beautiful setting in the Purbecks ,Dorset

FREEZONE 9-12 SEPTEMBER EVENT … 4 days of chillin’

The July event was awesome .. thanks to all who attended !  Finally the summer has arrived , and time will be soon upon us for our legendary 4 day September event with even more packed into the program to help us along that road called recovery !

On offer is our usual meditations ,drum meditations, gong meditations,  sound journeys ,spiritual speakers , workshops, yoga, holistic therapies, counsellor ( if needed), healthy vegan/veggie food, camping, fires, new friends, laughter and fun !!!

One of our guest speakers/facilitators will be Manfred whose coming along to share his experience of Ratu Bagus ( shaking meditation ) which I personally am really looking forward to .

Our regular Freezone family ( Ant, Jon,Ben,Michaela,and Marko ) will be on hand to help you relax and enjoy your weekend in the beautiful countryside of the Purbecks.

Freezone offers retreats for a truly non profit price and we aim to be as inclusive as possible so there will be a limited number of tickets available for unwaged .. Contact me .

Glamping options ( sheperds hut ) are available .. Contact me for prices .. They go quick !


See you soon happy campers …

Brian xx

Freezone 8-10 july 2016 event … Its all about the love xx

This years events starts off with a weekend of deep spiritual nourishment and chillness designed to make you go home glowing ! The Isle of Purbeck on the beautiful Jurassic coast in Dorset is the most perfect environment to connect with ones spirit and Ive sorted an extra special line up for you lucky campers !!

On offer is our usual menu of spiritual speakers , meditations , sound therapies ,workshops , councillor ( if required), holistic therapies ,yoga ,healthy food ,beautiful people and good times . For old Freezoners you will know what I mean and for new Freezoners you can take advantage of the opportunity to experience a weekend of relaxing ,fun filled , soul exploring activities !

At Freezone we offer truly non profits events for what they cost us ! Entrance for this event will cost £100 and this includes all camping , food , speakers,workshops  and good times . Holistic therapies are priced at £10/half hour between you and the therapist,yoga is a £5 donation . All therapists ,yoga teachers and councillors are certified professionals who kindly donate their time to Freezone at a very reduced rate !

For those of you who wish to glamp we have a very comfortable yhurt that can accommodate 4 people for a very reasonable price of £150 for the whole weekend . Also we have an extremely lovely Sheperds Hut that can accommodate 2 people sharing a big bed for £100 for the whole weekend . This is in addition to the entrance fee  .

Please note that we do not permit people to attend later than Friday night as it can be disruptive to the harmony and unity experienced at Freezone !

We have been blessed with some amazing facilitators who really  know their stuff and are eager to share with us xx

Im in the process of confirming an extra special spiritual speaker … more news to follow !!

Freezone september 25-28 event now fully booked

Thanks to all who supported us this year !!

We will be back next summer with more events to soothe your soul and invigorate the mind xx

Freezone September 25-28 event …. 4 Days of Inner Peace !

The final event of the year is going to be a 4 day extravaganza with extra workshops to get you feeling more chilled than usual ( if that’s possible ) at a Freezone event ! We’ve had a four day event before and the extra day does add that deeper level of the serenity felt at all Freezone events .

On offer will be our usual workshops , meditations ,sound journeys , yoga ,gong meditations ,holistic therapies , camping , healthy food , fires ,good times and good people with some extra special workshops thrown in from some extra special people!!

This includes a Shamanic  Cacao Ceremony ( dont worry its only chocolate !) by Mark Wild , sound journey with Ant , Roz and Ade on the didgeridoo , Emma doing Ecstatic Awakening Dance and lots more !!!

For those of you who wish to glamp we have a very comfortable yhurt that can accommodate 4 people for a very reasonable price of £150 for the whole weekend . Also we have an extremely lovely Sheperds Hut that can accommodate 2 people sharing a big bed for £100 for the whole weekend . This is in addition to the entrance fee  .

Please note that we do not permit people to attend later than Friday night as it can be disruptive to the harmony and unity experienced at Freezone !

Im really looking forward to feeling the love with Freezoners old and new xx


We are pleased to announce that we are having one of our mind-blowing , spirit nourishing , positive thinking events in July here in the beautiful Purbecks , Dorset . We have acquired a beautiful new venue with fantastic sea views and amazing walks along the Jurassic Coast for you to come and chill out at !On offer will be our usual meditations ,workshops, spiritual speakers , sound journeys , yoga ,gong baths ,holistic therapies (massage,reiki,aromatherapy etc.) , counsellor ( if needed) ,healthy eating ,camping ,fires ,good people and good times xx

All this for a truly non profit price of £100 includes all food ,camping ,meditations ,workshops and spiritual speaker.

Holistic therapies are charged at £10/half hour between you and the therapist . Yoga will be a donation of £5 to our lovely Sandi .

Concessions are available to those who are unwaged … talk to me! Our aim is to be as accessible as possible !!

Looking forward to seeing old and new Freezoners …I’ve got a blinding weekend lined up for you lucky campers !!!

Freezone August 15-17 event … Try Something Different

Our new venue will only be ready next season so we have decided to have an event in a beautiful field in the Purbecks .

On offer will be meditations,spiritual speaker, workshops , sound journeys, yoga, holistic therapies, healthy veggie food ,counsellor ( if needed), fires, camping, good people and a lotta love !!

Please note this will be a rural camping event .. we will have toilets , basic solar showers , basic washing facilities and a marque to get together in . There is no electricity so pack a torch !

£65 includes all camping ,workshops, sound journeys, meditations, food and beverages .

Yoga will be a £5 donation and holistic therapies £10/half hour to the therapists.

We are blessed to have some very top therapists and workshop facilitators attending this event ( you lucky campers ! )

Gong meditation specialist Scania has kindly agreed to be the speaker at this event … woohoo !

To book go to booking page or for more info email me

luvya xx


On offer is our usual program with some big changes ! We continue to explore new horizons and to keep the spirit of Freezone alive and fresh with a July event at a new venue along with the with renewed energy this brings with it !!

Come chill out in the summer sun with meditations, spiritual speakers, workshops, sound journies ,healthy food ,good people, fires,  friendship and fun .

If you wish to learn how cultivating an atmosphere of serenity can help your recovery then Freezone is the place for you.

Freezone is a truly not for profit charity that offers step 11 retreats at an affordable price  .

Book early as we can only hold a limited number of guests.

See ya there happy campers xx





Dont miss out on our opening event of 2014 . We are into our fifth year of retreats and the Freezone community justs gets bigger and better every year . There’s been a lot of love over the years and its thanks to YOU fantastic Freezoners  whose support has helped shape many  unforgettable experiences at our events  !

On offer is our usual program ( workshops,holistic therapies, sound therapy,yoga, and more ) in a beautiful setting with camping and fires and good people .

We are delighted Transcendental Meditation has kindly agreed to share with us so the  weekends focus will be on MEDITATION!

Meditation has helped my recovery immensely and I’m looking forward to learning more practises to aid me in my quest for serenity ( and sanity !)

There are a few old caravans for hire and a flash showmans  caravan for the upmarket who can afford it .

Freezone is truly  non profit and we keep retreats as cheap as possible to make them as accessible to as many people as possible . Unfortunately all the concession spaces have gone but try next time if you cant afford .

Looking forward to meeting you old friends and new !!