FREEZONE RETREAT EVENT 6-8 JULY 2018 (or 6-10 july if you wish ! )

We are ready to send you to that peaceful place called serenity with our 3 day event aimed at getting you in touch with the internal love and wisdom we all carry but find it difficult to access living life on lifes terms .

We are blessed with fantastic facilitators who are very experienced in their respective fields and encourage the aims of Freezone .

On offer is various types of meditation ,sound journeys,workshops, zen meditation tent,  holistic therapies , yoga, veggie/vegan food ,camping , fires, friendship and good times set in a beautiful location overlooking the sea here in the Purbecks .

Freezone is a truly non profit charity that offers retreats for what it costs us ! The entrance price of £100 includes everything except yoga which is a donation to the yoga teacher and holistic therapies that cost £10/half hour between you and the therapist .

Guests are welcome to stay an extra 2 days if they wish as we are having a film crew make a documentary about Freezone . A famous French documentary director and his crew will come after the event and set up . NO FILMING WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE EVENT ! If you dont mind being interviewed on camera about your experience at Freezone then you are welcome to stay on after ! Im sure it will be a lot of fun and they are really nice people 🙂

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