Its that time again when we put on our famous 4 day event and once again we have been blessed with the best facilitators around !!

We have our friend the excellent  Roz Crampton returning to do her magical meditations, the main man Ant Sauchella will be doing his awesome sound journies and his popular eco psychology workshop , Lisa will be teaching yoga ( she does y12r which sounds fantastic .. google it ! )  ,the lovely Pavani will be teaching Biodanza ,Mat from Zenways will be doing his much loved Zen workshop, Marko will be offering 1 to 1 counselling ( if needed), we have drumming with River ,didge lessons with Ade, Sophie and Pavani will be working there holistic therapy magic and more wonderful workshops to get you to that place called serenity !

We are based on the beautiful Swanage  clifftops overlooking the sea with stunning walks where you can absorb the scenery .

Freezone is a truly non profit charity aimed at people in abstinence based recovery and we offer retreats for what it costs us . The price for 4 days is £125 and this includes all food ( veggie/vegan) , camping, meditations, workshops ,yoga ,good times , good friends and a lotta love !

Holistic therapies cost £10/half hour between you and the therapist.

Its gonna be a good one xx


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