Dont miss out on our opening event of 2014 . We are into our fifth year of retreats and the Freezone community justs gets bigger and better every year . There’s been a lot of love over the years and its thanks to YOU fantastic Freezoners  whose support has helped shape many  unforgettable experiences at our events  !

On offer is our usual program ( workshops,holistic therapies, sound therapy,yoga, and more ) in a beautiful setting with camping and fires and good people .

We are delighted Transcendental Meditation has kindly agreed to share with us so the  weekends focus will be on MEDITATION!

Meditation has helped my recovery immensely and I’m looking forward to learning more practises to aid me in my quest for serenity ( and sanity !)

There are a few old caravans for hire and a flash showmans  caravan for the upmarket who can afford it .

Freezone is truly  non profit and we keep retreats as cheap as possible to make them as accessible to as many people as possible . Unfortunately all the concession spaces have gone but try next time if you cant afford .

Looking forward to meeting you old friends and new !!


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