New Information about the April Event!!

Please note that the events last summer were pilots. This year our circumstances have changed. Unfortunately, this is the reason why we have had to increase the price of our weekends.

However, after conversing today, we have managed to reduce the price for the April weekend from £75 to £65, with a concessionary rate for people on low income wage or benefits (reduced to £55).

Please note that this has been negotiated for April only and we are not certain of how much prices will be for our other events throughout the summer. However, we do not expect the prices to go up any further than £75 for the remainder of the summer and we will continue to do our very best to keep the costs as low as possible, as our primary aim has always to remain accessible to as many people as possible and this is important to us.

People who have got can donate to support the people who haven’t by going to our bookings page. Please telephone us for further enquiry.

Remember there are limited spaces, so if you do decide to come for April, contact us soon. We hope to see you there.

Love, Freezone

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