Through a natural and peaceful location,

Freezone aims to provide an atmosphere of recovery, prayer and meditation.

Freezone is offering weekend or week-long breaks to anyone interested in the 12 Step philosophy. This includes:

  • Peer support – The therapeutic value of one person identifying with another
  • Guided Meditations – Two guided meditation groups per day
  • Holistic Therapies – Reflexology; Reiki; Acupuncture; Yoga and Holistic Massage
  • Counselling – One-to-one sessions with a certified counsellor will be available daily
  • Group Workshops – Previous Guest Workshops have included Sound Journies (Gong Baths) and Tibetan Singing Bowls (Individual Therapies and Group Meditations)


Freezone invite spiritual leaders from various denominations to present their spiritual experiences on various topics. This will endorse our open-mindedness towards all faiths. There will be time set aside for personal reflection and prayer. Discussion sessions on the spiritual principles embodied in the 12 Steps and related topic groups will be held.

There will be 3 set meals per day at set times, morning breakfast, lunch and dinner in the evening. Beverages will be continuously available throughout the day and night by self-service.

Meditation and counselling sessions will be guided by certified professionals resident with Freezone


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